Bangkok, Thailand

IF I COULD PICK OUT my characteristics, I would choose Audrey Hepburn’s gamine charm and classy fashion sense, Grace Kelly’s poise, Jackie Kennedy’s resilience, Princess Diana’s philanthropy, Mother Teresa’s humanitarian involvement, Florence Nightingale’s dedication, Hilary Clinton’s political acumen, Indra Nooyi’s business sense, Cleopatra’s cunning and manipulation, J.K. Rowling’s imagination, Tina Fey’s humor, Amelia Earhart’s boldness, Aung San Suu Kyi’s courage, Cory Aquino’s faith and simplicity, the Thais’ enviable pleasure-seeking nature and carefree attitude, the innocence/uncorrupted conscience of a child, my mother’s maternal instinct and my sister’s zest for life.
IN THIS LIFETIME, however, I appreciate what I have—striving to further my strengths while continuously aiming to improve on my weak points.
I AM GENERALLY AN optimist and a life enthusiast: a lover of art, literature, history and culture. I tend to pursue various activities such as painting, crafts-making, learning the piano or ballet, tae-kwon-do, baseball… whatever holds my interest at a particular time, but I never quite mastered any of them ;-). I must say I am a bit of a Jill of All Trades.
WHILE I MAY BE A MISTRESS (read: Master) of None, over the years, I have proven my loyalty to my first love: Reading! I am a voracious reading beast (I read everything from the classics, legal thriller, sci-fi, mystery, some rom-com, news and editorial/opinion and business papers to movie and book reviews, the sexy and erotic, public restroom ads and the phone book! Alright, I admit I secretly scour for children’s storybooks in the bookstore! ;-)). My reading appetite is a monster that has to be continuously fed and nourished; else my brain cells spontaneously wither.
WHEN I AM NOT DEEP underneath books, I jog/run. Running time is “thinking” time…it’s relaxing and meditative. When I’m not busy, I try to squeeze Zumba and other health-related activities in my schedule. I love the beach, outdoors and extreme sports (tried some but not enough). My ultimate adrenaline-junkie fantasy is to skydive in Dubai, possibly the most beautiful jump-off point in the world.
CURRENTLY, MY ADVENTURES are toned-down and limited (but equally challenging) to learning the Thai language.

 ME BEING OPTIMISTIC, I take each day in a stride. I believe “When you want something and decide to pursue it, the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” I am convinced that positive thinking attracts positive energy.

THERE ARE THINGS I absolutely cannot live without: yogurt, cherry lip balm, trainers/running shoes, a pen and a good book.

MY IDEA OF A GOOD date ranges from: something lovely as in a dinner at a nice place, old-fashioned as in going to the movies (popcorn in hand), a fun-time outdoors such as sightseeing, temple-touring and feeding the fishes or could be crazy romantic as in moon and stargazing. However, these days movie and youtube nights over skype with my fiance are good as well.

A FEW YEARS BACK, I dreamt of writing a blog about the above-mentioned interests (art, literature, music, health & fitness) with possible additions of travel, photography, and of course wifehood and/or mommyhood—areas I would need a solid amount of experience in before being able to write with credibility. 😉 . And now that I’m writing this blog, it’s almost like another dream come true! I still have much work to do of course. But it’s a start.

IN A NUTSHELL, I am a girl with (almost always) a cheery smile, lots of stories, big dreams and tons of love to give! I always try to be calm and collected but I can’t deny the tiny bit of flair for the dramatics! Don’t worry, I’m not crazy! Not too much, anyway 😉


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  1. Hi I am happy to stumble upon your blog. You are young Filipina one can be proud of to call kababayan. You are smart, intelligent and full of life. I was just reading so many disturbing stories about our other kababayans’ unfortunate situation that it is refreshing to know someone like you. Congratulations on your recent engagement and I wish you more happiness and success on your future endevours. You have an exciting life ahead of you. Makes me chuckle remembering my newest post , a letter to young filipinas. I guess I had been away too long from the motherland.

    Btw I am writing a fictional series about a biracial girl whose mother was an English teacher, you might find it interesting. Look for it under the category “Temporary Insanity.”

    I enjoyed your writing. Looking forward to more entries. 🙂

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