A note from 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Cecille and I am a Filipina living in an idyllic mountain town in upstate New York. So much has changed since I moved all the way here, uprooting my life and career in Asia, to marry my soulmate and partner in crime, Ian.

New home. New furbabies. Two DIY weddings in two countries. Personal struggles. Family tragedies. Career shifts and a budding new business!

Has it really been over five years? Time flew by, it’s incredible! So once in a while, I like to go back and revisit how and where it all started. This was my blog from 2012-2013 while living in metropolitan Bangkok and chronicling my new found love back then. Read on, if you must. Our is a pretty classic digital age story:

Boy, meets girl (online, of course), flew half way across the world for a first date.  Then a crazy, whirlwind, magical (and sometimes bureaucratic ) adventure ensues!


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