Journey To The Land Of Milk and Honey: Visa Timeline

January 9, 2013                 Submitted I-129 F Petition to USCIS
January 16, 2013               Received Notice of Action (NOA1) from Vermont Service Center
May 24, 2013                      Notified of Case transfer to Texas Service Center
July 2, 2013                         Received Notice of Petition Approval (NOA2) from Texas Service Center
July 18, 2013                       Notified of Case transfer to National Visa Center
July 26, 2013                       Received Manila Case number from NVC
August 22, 2013                Passed medical examinations at St. Luke’s Extension Clinic
August 27, 2013                Visa approved after interview at the US Embassy Manila
August 28, 2013                Attended Pre-departure Orientation Seminar at the Commission on Filipinos Overseas office
August 28, 2013                Visa status changed to Ready (via visa tracker)
August 28, 2013                Visa status changed to Administrative Processing
August 29, 2013                Visa status changed to Issued
September 4, 2013          Visa packet delivered at 2Go Ayala People Support Center
September 5, 2013          Passport and Port of Entry documents picked up at 2Go Ayala
September 5, 2013          Passport stamped at CFO office
September 9, 2013          Leaving Manila for New York via Delta Airlines
October 19, 2013          Got Hitched in New Jersey!
EDIT: June 10, 2017        Got Hitched Again! This time in the Philippines! ❤