The Global Filipina Thanks Her Global Readers

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Thank you very much dearest avid readers from all over the globe! I feel privileged to have my words read by people of many cultures and languages. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and hearts and for letting me share my stories. I do hope you’ve come to enjoy reading about our journey.

Just like its country code, USA is # 1 in readership. My future in-laws and my fiance’s friends have been doing a great job in keeping the American flag consistently on top of my statistics chart.
Not far behind is my home country, Philippines. Maraming salamat! Daghang salamat! Madamo nga salamat! Kababayans, I am deeply touched by your continued subscription. I miss our country a lot and this is my way of keeping myself rooted to my Filipino heritage. I am a proud Pinay and I will raise our banner wherever I go.
Filipinos are a “global people” and this is also reflected in my stats; my family and friends read me from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Middle East, Japan, Hongkong, India as well as Thailand where I currently live.
I also extend my greetings to my Southeast Asian neighbors, A.P-P. from Cambodia and Tita Totie from Laos. Please let me make a special shout-out to my fiancé’s relatives in Europe, too.
Speaking of Europe, Guten tag  to my loyal mystery reader from Germany. I don’t really know anybody from there so in my mind I have named you “Hannah” from my favorite movie “The Reader” set in post-war Germany. You sure are a big boost to my viewership. Thank you and please keep it up 😉

Also, a big Thank You to my random readers across the globe who have stumbled across my blog via google, wordpress, or facebook referrals – I hope our stories have inspired, enriched, or at least amused you 🙂 We’re glad to have you all as our guests, our dear interested strangers!


One thought on “The Global Filipina Thanks Her Global Readers

  1. Cecille, you truly are a citizen of the world! Both Ian and you demonstrate the harmony that can be created across our big blue marble when individuals relate to each other in a genuine, personal, and caring manner. You are both an inspiration. Keep up with the blog!

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